Sunday, February 12, 2017

Blog Assignment #1

For my final essay I would like to talk about the advantages of commuting to school. As a commuter I think that I have consistently made dean's list because I am not involved in the party lifestyle at Rutgers and probably because I see my parents every day. There are other pro's to commuting as well like saving money and I'm sure students who live at home have a better relationship with their parents. I think I could find some interesting statistics about stuff like this in my research.

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  1. This is a solid topic and very interesting. I think commuting is on the rise with the drop in gas prices and the rise in rents near and on campus. And there is definitely a class divide here, exacerbated by privatization, as most commuters tend to have fewer parental resources to draw upon than those who live on campus.

    You might start by checking out some of the blogs by previous students who have taken on this topic. Their last post lists some interesting sources, though some of these blogs were not so strong unfortunately (because the papers were much better):

    Those could point you to quite a few resources. The most interesting issue they raised is that students living off campus tend to work more than students living on campus (mostly because they need to pay for a car, gas, tickets, and meals) and that tends to shift their focus away from school and toward work (where they tend to have closer friendships), so they take more time to graduate and often drop out and go to work due to immediate financial concerns. It's as though on campus and off campus are two different "lifestyles" that have different effects on college success. And, obviously, on-campus living is most often chosen by students from more affluent backgrounds, so the on-campus and off-campus divide aligns with social class --though, as Armstrong and Hamilton show, the dorm itself can be a tough environment for those students from even marginally lower class status than their most affluent peers.

    As I think I mentioned to you, though, I have seen research that men do much better as commuters than women do, mostly because women who commute end up doing a lot more chores around the house (such as caring for younger siblings) and men have a lot more freedom to sleep over with "friends" on campus. I'm sure you will encounter that research, but I'll help you find it if you don't. I think that gender divide might be interesting.